In the 1st pic is Bo the Cat, our engineer, his really feeling...

Bo on the Console

Bo in the dark shadows of the console

Bo with his laser eyes.

Shannon's Kit Premier Artist Birch Edition

Steven warming up.

Shannon behind the kit. Like Old times!

Marshall + Big Muff = Bliss! Wait & See!

In the 1st pic is Bo the Cat, our engineer, his really feeling the mix.  

Actually Bo is the owner of the studio.  Ok his the owner’s cat, but he has really good taste in music!  We did have great engineer buy the name of Collin Guy though.  You can see Collins hand in the second pic. lol. 

 The studio we went to was (EAR) East Atlanta Recording, owned by Sean Mcpherson.  Sean will be mixing our songs when we head back too the studio in March.  You should visit EAR’s website @ to learn more about Sean.

  I would say the studio went pretty well.  Remember our drummer walked away a few weeks ago.  So our front man Shannon Thompson took over that responsibility in the Studio, done a great job!  It was like Old times for bassist Steven Manderson & Shannon jamming together on Bass & Drums.

  Were excited for all too hear the new recordings.  So originally we planned to record 4 songs but only recorded 3 instead.  Reason was time and budget as always, but that could change.  As you read in our earlier post we are raising money for this project and rewarding all you contribute!  Since we haven’t completed the project there is still time to be apart of the vision.   Stayed tuned for a quick video from the control room.